Customer Videos Receiving My Worms!

Unboxing – a pound of red wiggle worms from Green Greg

I finally ordered worms from Green Greg (and will do so again). Watch the unboxing and see how many just one pound will get you!

10,000 red wigglers added to my farm from Green Greg

I wanted to turbo boost my vermicompost production heading into spring seed and garden planting so I turned to my go-to worm guy, Green Greg.

DIY Cheap Urban Worm Bin Set Up

Since the worms arrived, I needed to build them a home. I went with a DIY cheap 3 tote system. The first 2 tote will be for the worms, there will be holes in the bottom so they can move back and fourth. The bottom bin will only have a drain to drain out the castings and worm tea. I think for an urban homestead like ours this will be a very efficient set-up. It will be a small foot print but also something we can add to over time. Brand new to this so if I did anything wrong let me know in the comments.

How to start a worm bin worm farm with red wigglers

Got me about 2200 red wiggler worms from Great experience buying from him. This is how i start my new worm bin

Worms just arrived from green greggs worm farm

Just received our package of live worms from Green Greggs worms our compost we thank you Greg Allison

Geothermal Greenhouse Update – GreenGregsWormFarm.Com = Bio-dynamic Farming

Proudly Promoting Global Worming! Welcome to Green Greg’s Garden and Worm Farm I raise Red Wigglers (Eisenia Foetida). Red Wigglers (we’ll just call ‘em redworms here after) are the fastest-breeding, toughest, and easiest composting worm you can raise! I started with just 50,000 at the end of April 2011. Just one year later I had 1.5 million! I will show you how you can raise redworms for recycling kitchen waste to make the finest compost (better than any commercial potting soil and totally natural), pet food, fishing bait, or even how to start your very own worm farm as I have done!

Adding Worms To Your Greenhouse Is Fun & Easy with Green Greg’s Worm Farm

The most common kind of worm found in compost is the red wiggler, properly know as the Eisenia fetida. It is adapted to environments of decaying material and thrive in compost. They are hugely beneficial to artificial environments, as they play an important role in helping to evenly distribute water through the soil. Combined with their ability to incorporate and spread organic material, they can really help to make a rich variety of nutrients available to more plants.… Green Greg’s Garden and Worm Farm… Furthermore, they are perfect for gardeners in the US, as they do not survive the kind of cold winters experienced in the northern states, so there is no need to worry about disposing of them and inadvertently introducing them to a non-native environment.

Worm Salute to Green Gregs

Looks like a worm farm around here… Underneath our hay bales and compost piles we find millions of these little miracle workers.

Planning Ahead For The Worm Farm – Setting Up Compost Worm Breeding Bins

To get a jump start on next year we are going to need a lot of worms, the worms in the completed portion of the farm are reproducing just fine, but it’s not enough right now. We are setting up a large breeding operation over this winter. This video shows just the beginning. Green Greg’s Worm farming playlist:… He currently has the best prices on worms that I have found:…

First Livestock On Our Urban Homestead

After much debate and research, we got our first livestock on the citystead! It took so doing and research but I was able to find a livestock option for our urban homestead that would work for my wife and I. This will open up new ways to possibly make side income as well, which is a real big plus. Green Greg’s Worm Farm Green Greg’s YouTube…