5 Key things you must know to raise worms. How to raise worms so that they thrive and stay alive. How to avoid the common mistakes most people make that kills their worms.


Make a Quick Easy Plastic Tote Worm Bin

Make a quick and easy plastic tote worm bin. Totes make good sturdy reliable worm bins. Here is how to build your to produce worms, castings, and leachate to produce worm tea.

Free Worm Bin and Easy Castings Harvest

How to make a free or dirt cheap worm bit that you can use in your kitchen or even bedroom, and how to very easily harvest worm castings.


See the latest worm bin innovation, the sled bed worm bed. A step b step guide on how to build your own DIY sled worm bed. Video starts with my funny new worm carol (holiday song), and ends with a wild tractor ride at the very end.

SLED BED WORM BEDS – Worm Sled Bed Improvements

See my new design improvements to the sled-bed worm-bed to make them much easier to position. Filmed 9 Feb 2020, not 9 Sep. LOL!

Efficiency of Sled Bed Worm Beds

Sled Bed Worm Beds form longer lasting, mobile worm bins that have yet on my farm to be attacked by moles. Worms seem to grow well in them. Overall they appear to be highly efficient.

When You Buy My Worms -What You Get – Making Tote Worm Bins

See what it is like to unpackage a box of worms I send to you and quickly build worm bins to put them in. To make your own worm castings, worm tea, to put worms in your garden, and for fishing support my channel by buying worms from me.


What to Use for Worm Bedding

What can you use for worm bedding? Can you use potting soil or black cow – watch and learn. For gardening, composting and fishing needs support my channel by buying worms from me.

The Single Best Worm Bedding

Watch to see why wood chips are the single best worm bedding. Learn what type of wood chips you need.

Number One Thing Not to Put in Worm Beds

Do not use this in your worm beds. Your worms will not be able to reproduce for many generations.


Feeding Worms Part 1 Key Recommendations

Three important areas to know about for feeding your worms. Will cover manures in a subsequent part 2

How to Feed and Water Worms Part 2

Simple steps for feeding and watering worms, especially when you have more worms than your kitchen can supply feed for!


Controlling Insects in Worm Beds with Dolomite

Learn how to control insects inn your worm bed using pure crushed dolomite.

Pot Worms Small White Worms in your Worm Bin – What to Do!

What to do when you have small white pot worms in your worm bin.

When You Have No Baby Worms in Your Worm Bins – Worm Wednesday

No baby worms or pest in your worm bin? Do this!

When Your Worm Beds Get too Wet – Worm Wednesday

No bed wetting! Simple sign you bed is too wet! Over wet beds can lead to acidification, growth of nasty anaerobic bacteria, and loss of worms. Here is a quick simple sign your bed is too wet!

Keeping Worms Warm in theWinter

Learn a number of ways to keep worms during the winter. Also you see three different styles of worm bins/worm beds and my aquaponics greenhouse. Many people do keep worms in greenhouses.


How to Brew Worm Tea for Your Garden

See how to brew your own worm tea. Discover why it will make your plants grow like crazy!

Large 250 Gallon Worm Tea Brew in IBC Totes

How to Brew over 250 Gallons of Worm Tea See how to brew large quantities overs 250 gallons of worm tea in an IBC tote. This stuff will make your plants grow like crazy!


How to Quickly Harvest 1 Pound of Redworms

Learn how to quickly and easily harvest one pound of worms, and properly pack them in peat moss that has been correctly prepared. Every step from squeezing the peat moss to handing worms to happy customers is shown.

Trommel Worm Harvest

How to harvest worms with a trommel.

Free Worm Bin and Easy Castings Harvest

How to make a free or dirt cheap worm bit that you can use in your kitchen or even bedroom, and how to very easily harvest worm castings.

Peat Moss Press

Having the means to properly squeeze peat moss or coconut coir is critical to the operation of many worm farms. This is a necessity for shipping worms and for worm bedding. Watch this video to see my latest peat moss press innovation.


Getting a Load of Horse Manure, Things To Watch Live

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