Why Raise Redworms?

Redworms are great for fishing, composting, gardens (container/pots to large   garden plots, pet food  and more.

Redworms are great for hobby or small business.

Redworms are compost worms, with many different uses. Scroll down for more ideas.

General FAQs

–  Composting: The worm castings in Vermicompost provide natural fertilizer time-release nodules that         are superior to the best potting soils (Keep it wet and they keep eating-no need to turn the pile)

– Fishing: Fish love home-raised redworms – hook sized too

– Container Garden: Worms will keep it tilled – you’ll have the healthiest garden soil in your area

– Potted Plants: Just a few will do (sometimes they will crawl out)

– Raised Beds: (Heavy mulch), redworms fertilize by living on decaying mulch – grow healthy natural food    that tastes so good because it is not grown from chemical fertilizers

– Pet food: Treats for birds, fish and other critters

– Sprouting: Use castings and seeds start fast

– Hobby: Great for all ages, easy and fun

– Business: Sell worms and castings or use them yourself for a commercial garden

  – A great full- or part-time business

  – Many people make the house payment with Redworm money

  – Sales of 1000 cups a week is possible for 1-2 adults and/or kids that like to stay home and work.

  – I’ll show you how


Compost & Garden

– Vermicasts (worm poop) are the key ingredient of vermicompost (worm compost) 

  – Cast in the worms alimentary canal (worm gut), the castings contain practically everything a plant needs

  – Worm gizzards grind down decaying plant matter and calciferous glands add carbonate of lime that  neutralizes the acidity of the decaying mater

  – The castings are encapsulated in a mucous membrane that slowly releases the nutrients over time as needed by the plants

  – Fresh worm castings have in readily available-to-plant form five times the nitrogen, seven times the phosphates, and eleven times the potash as the best topsoil

  – Worms process mineral earth into this mix

  – Worms have beneficial bacteria in their alimentary canal that enhances the compost/soil

  – Worms have special enzymes and hormones in their alimentary canal that enhances the compost/soil

  – The nutrients left behind by the vermicast are water soluble

  – Vermicasts help compost/soil retain water 

  – There is no better way to recycle kitchen, yard, and garden waste than through a worm-bed

  – Even regular compost is greatly enhanced by processing through a worm-bed

– Earthworms are Mother Nature’s little natural garden tillers – put them in your garden!

  – Earthworms aerate the soil – good for both the roots and good aerobic soil bacteria

  – Earthworms condition garden soil as needed by the roots


– Red Wigglers live longer in the water

– Red Wigglers emit a fetid odor into the water that drives fish wild

– Don’t thread them over the hook – hook just under the skin of the clitellum (the band a way down  behind the head) and hook right into the head. This leaves the tail wiggling and looking alive to the fish

– Done right on a small hook and line you can catch more fish than even bigger bait – if you have the angling skills to land the bigger fish that way! If you are looking for a sport – there it is!


– Pound for pound earthworms bring in considerably more per pound than cattle on the hoof (or processed beef)

  –  It doesn’t require acres to feed them; you can grow them in your basement, garage, barn, backyard,  or woods

– You can do your entire business over the internet, or sell locally directly from your home

– Sell worms for composting

– Sell bait worms

  – Sell to established bait runners in your area, who are always looking for worms

  – Run your own routes

– Sell Vermicompost, Worm Tea (can bring > $40/gallon), Vermicasting, and Vermipods (worm egg casts)

– Sell worm books, worm bins, other bait items, fishing accessories, seed, and garden accessories  

 (items I’ll soon be adding)

– So start your own worm farm and you’ll be seeing green too!

If you have any questions…I’m usually in the house after dark, central time, North Alabama

  – just call me at: 256-859-5538 – If I don’t answer just leave a message.  (Call before 10 PM Central  🙂

  – or email me at: [email protected]

Redworms have been good to me and I hope you’ll:

Give redworms a try.

Best ‘O Luck!

Greg Allison

Green Greg’s Garden and Worm Farm

112 Stilwell Dr.

Toney, AL 35773