Eating Maple Helicopters!

Edible Maple Seeds. Don’t eat Red Maple seed!!! Check with a local expert before eating any wild plant. 

The Number One Wild Edible

Eat the plant that’s eating America and you should never starve. This is the number one wild edible because there is so much of it and it offers food year around in much of the populous regions in North America, China, Japan, Australia, and on many Pacific Islands.

Poke Sallet Poisonous Edible Medicinal Herbaceous Plant

How do you eat full grown poison poke sallet leaves and berries?.

Wild Elderberry

Elderberry is a semi-poison food and medicinal plant that many people believe wil treat various ailments such as viruses, especially various forms of the flu. Disclaimer – I’m not a doctor and I am not prescribing anything here. See your medical doctor for such matters. If you are not 100 percent sure of the plant you are using consult with a local expert first.

Goldenrod Wild Medicine, Food, Dye, and Source for Rubber

Goldenrod, Solidago, is used by many to fight bladder urinary tract issues, kidney stones, bacterial and fungal infections such as candida, and as an awesome wild edible herb. Find out how Dr. George Washington Carver and Henry Ford collaborated on Goldenrod.

Wild Lettuce Wild Pain Killer

See three varieties and five ways to use wild lettuce as a medicine. Wild lettuce aka opium lettuce is a wild natural pain killer.

Dandelions Wild Edibles – Best Plant for Lawn and Gardens

See why dandelions are one of the best wild edibles and why they are awesome for your lawns and gardens. Learn about their prospective alleged medicinal uses. And who is the garden gnome after the last thank you plays? Better yet – who can identify where that picture was taken?

Eat Your Trees Please

Trees you can eat that are a treat, but some will plant you under six feet. Knowing edible trees can be a life saver in a SHTF situation or if you get lost in the wilderness. Watch this video to find out.

Beauty Berries – Edible Wild Mosquito and Tick Repellent – Callicarpa Americana

Discover an edible wild beautiful mosquito and tick replant: beauty berries – callicarpa americana.

Wild Persimmons

Discover how to and how not to eat the wondrous wild persimmon fruit, its medicinal properties, and uses for its wood.

Wondrous White Oak and a Bit More

Find out why white oak was so useful to the pioneers.

Oakleaf Hydrangea, Seven Bark – Wild Medicine and Toilet Paper

See how this beautiful bush might save your life and keep you from running off your wife – or at least keep you from stinking people out!.

Lambs Quarters Wild Spinach

Lambs quarters aka wild spinach is highly nutritious wild growing plant. Lean how to tell it apart from the deadly black night shade. Learn why this was a popular plant that our ancestors ate extensively.

Mystery Mint

Discover the wonders of this wild growing, pervasive, invasive, flavorful, vegetable that chokes out the weeds has nutritious seeds that can meet your needs. If you like licorice you’ll love Perilla Frutescens, Korean Perilla.

Plantain, Narrow and Broad Leaf – Nutritional and Medicinal

Plantain is highly nutritious, and treats many ills like scrapes, burns, insect bites, and possibly spider and snake bites too. Lean about narrow and broadleaf plantain in this video. Quiz: what is the last picture in this video?

Wild Winter Greens in the Country and City Too

Find wild winter greens to eat in the country and city too! Toward the end you will see wild greens in the city – a wild buffet just outside a bunch of fast food restaurants. maybe the food on the outside is better than the food on the inside! Also know in the land of snow you get the best vitamin C from the pine tree!

Curly Dock – Wild Edible/Medicinal

Discover the advantages of curly dock as a wild food and medicinal.

Eat Wild Passion Fruit – May Pops

Discover a delicious wild fruit from the passion flower family – may pops! The taste a bit like a kiwi fruit!

Willow – Painkiller, Wild Medicinal

This is Willow. If you know Willow then you and Willow can be a friend. Because Willow can help your pain to mend! About 3 leaves steeped in hot water will do the trick! The acetylsalicylic acid it contains is the active ingredient in aspirin.

Persimmons Wild Grapes (Muscadines) Huckleberries Honeysuckle Wild Edibles

Persimmons Wild Grapes (Muscadines) Huckleberries Honeysuckle – Wild Edibles Sweet wild edibles that can provide the carbs you need, persimmons, muscadines, huckleberries, and honeysuckle.

Wild Carrot

Eat your wild carrots kiddies, but not the hemlock! Wild Carrots from the side of the road! Wild Carrots, also known as Queen Anne’s Lace can be a great source of nutritional and medicinal value – but you need to know how to uniquely identify it so as not to confuse it with the highly poisonous hemlock.

Eat Your Briars, Edible Green Briar

See how to eat Green Briar. Foraging forest food that can keep you alive. What you need to know when it hits the fan and the world as we know it collapses. In this video I show you edible wild green briar. Check with a local expert before eating any wild plant.

Poison Ivy or Not and Bush-craft Tips

How do you identify poison ivy and poison oak from what is not (similar plants). Most people confuse virginia creeper for poison ivy. Even bush-craft expert Cody Lundin on national tv thought wild strawberries was poison oak! A quick review is in order. Other bush-craft tips are thrown in for good measure. Disclaimer: Consult with a local expert before touching any plant you do not absolutely know.

Wild Edible Sheep Sorrel

Discover delicious edible sheep sorrel. Foraging forest food that can keep you alive. What you need to know when it hits the fan and the world as we know it collapses. In this video I show you edible wild sheep sorrel. Check with a local expert before eating any wild plant.

Edible Purple Dead-Nettle – Winter Foraging

Edible Purple Dead-Nettle – Food and medicinal uses explored. See what this common plant in the mint family has to offer!

Foraging Forest Food – Winter Wilds

Foraging forest food that can keep you alive even in the winter is part of what you need to know when it hits the fan and the world as we know it collapses. In this video I show you edible wild greens, chick weed, and curly dock that are available in some parts of the country throughout the winter. Then I show you an ample source of food available in the vast majority of temperate and subarctic forest. As Euell Gibbons used to say, “Some parts of a pine tree are edible.” I show you how to harvest and eat the cork cambium, or inner bark of pine trees. This is a very plentiful food source available across vast stretches of forest land, especially in North America, Europe, and even Siberia. I will show you how to get vital vitamin C from pine needles. Once you know this, you should never starve in the forest.

Sweet Gum DIY Tamiflu Analog

Discover making your own DIY Tamiflu analog from sweetgum burs, and much more about the sweetgum tree. Sweetgum has shikimic acid, the active ingredient in Tamiflu.

Filter & Sanitize Water Using Natural & Manufactured Filters & Solar Sanitation

What they don’t tell you about water filters. How to filter, purify, and sanitize water using natural materials and commercial water filters too. Make your own DIY water filter from a plastic bottle, charcoal, sand, straw and leaves, and rock. Why filtering water with Life Straws, Sawyer Filters, ceramic filters – or any other filter is not enough. The problem with viruses. How to use fire to boil your water. How to sanitize your water with Clorox bleach, iodine, boiling, and solar UV light through a plastic bottle.